Leads can easily be lost within the complexities of traditional routing rules. However, customer expectations are changing and most leads will expect a phone call with a few hours of making an inquiry.Our unique leading routing system allows you to provide your potential customers with the real-time attention they deserve.

Command It

Vyakar offers simple and intuitive lead routing solutions. Now you can define and customize your leading routing rules using our drag-and-drop user interface.

See the Vyakar Lead Router in action
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Build it Intelligently

You shouldn’t be spending all your time manually entering every zip code within a major metro area. Our technology identifies related data groups and fills in the gaps, saving you both time and effort.

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Goodbye Acronyms

Your business, market, and customer strategy are dynamic and this can bring some confusion into the mix. With every new sales strategy, a new set of acronyms are born – each one more confusing than the last.

Vyakar’s data dictionary will map these acronyms and create a database definition so they will be applied consistently across your lead routing rules.No more worrying about the latest account segment,account status, or product mapping.

How Data Dictionaries are used

Customize, don’t compromise

It’s no secret that you treat your strategic customers differently than the rest. You probably have multiple entries in Salesforce to differentiate how these accounts are handled. With Vyakar, you can create special “lead to account” matching rules.

For example, let’s say your biggest account acquires a new company. Using our “Always Match” rules you can configure your settings to route leads from the acquired company to the parent account within minutes.

Learn how to customize the Fuzzy Company Name Matching Rules

Cutting Edge Fuzzy Match Algorithm

Routing is more than just a set of user-defined static rules. Behind the scenes, Vyakar deploys a series of data standardization rules and machine learnings to continuously improve your leading routing systems. Matching leads against target accounts is a big part of this.

Company suffixes, special characters, acronyms, popular names, web domains, geographical affinity, and mergers and acquisitions are all a part of the routing algorithm.

See under the hood of Vyakar’s Fuzzy Match algorithm
The Fuzzy Match Fact Sheet

Platform Independent

Our technology is not limited to only one platform but rather, you can work across multiple platforms. Vyakar integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and other CRMS and marketing automation systems.

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