Strategic sales and marketing projects often involve using advanced data analytics and fact-finding. Most systems are not built for these types of one-off projects. An additional account-based analysis is required for white space analysis, account penetration, competitive attack, cross-sell, and upsell campaigns. Vyakar’s online list matching engine makes it easier and faster to get the desired match you want.

Cutting Edge Fuzzy Match Algorithm

Routing is more than just a set of user-defined static rules. Behind the scenes, Vyakar deploys a series of data standardization rules and machine learnings to continuously improve your leading routing systems. Matching leads against target accounts is a big part of this. Company suffixes, special characters, acronyms, popular names, web domains, geographical affinity, and mergers and acquisitions are all a part of the routing algorithm.

See under the hood of Vyakar’s Fuzzy Match algorithm

Fast and Consistent

This is the cloud age. Things need to be fast, accurate and consistent. Traditioanl data vendor take forever to match lists and return results. Vyakar match engine uses state of the art Fuzzy Match Algorithm to match lists in real-time. Vaykar’s match engine is designed to fuzzy match thousands of records per second. It is fast, consistent and reliable. The power at your fingertip.

The Fuzzy Match Fact Sheet
Learn how to customize the Fuzzy Company Name Matching Rules

Manual Resolution

All said and done, there is no replacement for human intelligence. When required, for the last mile Manual Resolution screen provides an insight into what could be possible match. If objective is to reach wider, most of them could be resolved affirmatively. Alternatively, if you want a rather closer match, declare them not-a-match. Save these preferences for all future application.

See List Matching and Manual Resolution in action