Vyakar Free Lead to Account Matching in App Exchange

Vyakar B2B Lead to Account Matching Software in Salesforce App Exchange. Use this app to match your leads against account, and run Account Based Sales & Marketing.

Account Based Marketing - The Right Way (Webinar)

Recording for "Account Based Marketing" webinar originally played on 05/03/2018. Watch this video to learn about Content Strategy and Execution methods.

Vyakar at a Glance

Learn how Vyakar is helping out Sales and Marketing come together and address their lead management challenges

Lead Routing Solution Overview

Video explaining Vyakar's approach to help you design a simple, yet effective and scalable lead routing program. Get to know basics of lead routing program and how they are used.

Lead Routing Application Demo

A step by step demo to setup a functional lead router. With-in 6 minutes, explore key features and fundamental elements required to setup a Lead Routing program.

Vyakar List Matching and Manual Resolution

Video to show matching two lists by company names. Once the system match is completed, you can review the results and also optionally resolve any close conflicts.