Vyakar’s Fuzzy Matching Algorithm provides enterprises the flexibility and freedom to define their own back-end processing and reporting. By combining our service with APIs,marketing and sales operations team can define their own lead routing, reporting, and advanced analytics.

Unlimited Possibilities

Your business, sales approach, and operations are unique. This is why you can integrate our Fuzzy Matching Algorithm to implement your own business logic and rules.

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Fast and Secure

Fuzzy Match APIs work on an encrypted SSL web protocol. You can use bulk processing to submit a group of files or use an API to process the records individually. Our servers are designed to match thousands of records per second.

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Cloud vs On Premise

You can take advantage of shared SaaS deployment for easy configuration and economics. Or you can choose to deploy a fully managed Fuzzy Match solution within Vyakar’s GCP data center. Either way, your organization will have complete access to the API.

Fuzzy Match

Web Domains

You can not only match the company name but also use email addresses and web domains to match your leads against different companies.

Fuzzy Match Online

Popular Names

Vyakar is constantly refreshing the popular name database so you can match both popular names and legal names.

Acronyms Match

Acronyms Match

Acronyms can be a huge source of frustration which is why we match common and uncommon acronyms with actual companies.

Acquisition Match

Merger & Acquisition match

Trying to match an old list with a new list? This could be tricky because the chances are several of these companies have either changed names or merged. We provide an extensive list of mergers and acquisitions to map out the lists.

Black & White List

Custom Black & White List

Create custom rules to match companies so that competitors are always filtered out or a specific set of companies are always bundled together.

Geo Sensitive Match

Geo Sensitive Match

Companies located in similar geographic locations have higher matching probabilities than companies that are out of that region. For example, IBM California has a higher probability of matching with IMB USA as opposed to IBM UK.