During installation, sometime “This app can’t be installed.” error is shown.

Vyakar App

This is because Chatter and Publisher Actions are not enabled. Please modify Chatter settings to enable “Chatter” and “Actions in Publisher”, and reinstall the application.

Vyakar App
Vyakar App

This message is due to Salesforce login conflicts. Please start the setup process in new browser window, or in an incognito browser window by logging in.

Email is not correctly setup in some organization (especially sandbox). If “No Mass Email Permission” error is displayed during setup (see below)

Check you Deliverability settings under Setup > Email > Deliverability. “Access to Send Email (All Email Services)” must be set to All Email.

Leads may not be routed for variety of reasons. Check them one by one in order:

  • 1.Lead router must be “Active” for lead routing to work. Check the Vyakar Lead Router configuration page to turn ON/OFF lead router.
  • 2.For leads to be routed, it must be first assigned to “Vyakar Queue” (in Business edition), or the queue of your choice (in Enterprise edition). Once Vyakar finds lead in designated queue, leads will flow through the assignment rules.
  • 3.Confirm that lead qualifies for least one of your assignment rule. The sales rep must have an active salesforce profile for a lead to be assigned to him/her.

    Example, if you have setup only to assign leads to account owners, and the account owner is not active, then the lead will be sent to next assignment rule. If there is no next assignment rule (or lead does not qualify for next assignment rule), then lead will stay unassigned, and re-assessed regularly until an active owner is found.

Leads may not be routed to BDR team for couple of reasons.

  • 1.Lead router must be “Active” for lead routing to work. Check the Vyakar Lead Router configuration page to turn ON/OFF lead router.
  • 2.Ensure at least one of BRD team member is “active” in salesforce. Vyakar does not assign leads to deleted or inactive sales rep.
  • 3.If Assign to account owner is turned ON, then only the leads not matched to an account, or matched to an account with inactive owners will be sent for assignment to BDR team.

After installing the app, Leads are not matched to accounts unless Vyakar app is activate by clicking on the “Activate Vyakar App” button at Vyakar home tab. This activation is needed so that you can authorise Vyakar to sync required data and update back the lead record after matching.

Vyakar App creates “VyakarUserPermissionSet” permission sets when installed. While uninstalling, you may get an error message “This permission set is assigned to one or more users. You can only delete permission sets that aren't assigned to users.”.

Vyakar App

To resolve the issue and proceed with uninstallation,

  • Click on the VyakarUserPermissionSet hyperlink shown in the error screen
  • Click on “Manage Assignment”
  • Selects all users listed under the permission sets
  • Click on Remove Assignment

Once the permission set assignments are removed, the application can be uninstalled.
After the application is uninstalled, VyakarUserPermissionSet will be removed.




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