Vyakar app must be activated before it starts matching or routing leads. Activation is very simple process and it must be performed by system administrator.

  • 1. Click on Vyakar Tab in your salesforce instance, then click on “Activate or Refresh Vyakar Key”.
  • 2.Follow the process to activate the Vyakar key. Contact support@vyakar.com (US Toll Free: 1-844-321-5323 Ext 08) if you experience any issue.

Pre Conditions:

  • 1.Vyakar app must be activated before configuring the leadrouter. Please refer to instructions above on how to activate the Vyakar app.
  • 2.Any lead you would like to assign using Vyakar’s assignment rules must be assigned to “Vyakar Queue” using your Salesforce workflow or assignment rules. This queue is created during activation process to be used by Vyakar.

Routing Rule and Order:

  • 1. Under normal processing, the leads are routed every 20 minutes. This may be more for bulk processing or initial sync, which may take upto 24 hours or more.
  • 2.Leads assignment is processed in following order
    • a Assign to account owner
    • bAssign to BDR team
    • cDedupe duplicate leads
  • 1.Add “Vyakar Matched Company Name” to desired Lead Page layouts.
  • 2.Add “Vyakar Matched Leads” Related Lists to desired Account Page layouts.

Installation Failure Error (Sandbox)

Salesforce does not inherit all the required “Chatter” features in Sandbox, thus throwing installation failure error as shown below.

To resolve the issue, please remove the Chatter component from the Account page layout in a Sandbox.

Other way it worked for people:


Email Error (Sandbox)

Email is not correctly setup in some organization (especially sandbox). If “No Mass Email Permission” error is displayed during setup (see below)

Check you Deliverability settings under Setup > Email > Deliverability. “Access to Send Email (All Email Services)” must be set to All Email.




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