Lead Routing Survey


The easy drag-and-drop features let you build your leading routing rules quickly without worrying about complicated flow charts.


Vyakar uses a data dictionary to standardize commonly used business definitions. As a result,these rules are applied consistently while still providing transparency.


With the help of global settings, you can customize any special scenarios such as duplicate leads, customer vs prospect accounts, or the depth of fuzzy matching.

Best of Breed Lead Router

Get rid of those complicated flow charts – our easy drag-and-drop interface creates natural rules.

Global preferences will address unique scenarios such as duplicate leads,customer vs prospect accounts, or active opportunities in play.

You can manage sales teams and round-robin assignments.

Analytics to help you track your data.

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Intelligent Data Dictionaries

By implementing defined data dictionaries you can create consistency across your sales and marketing organizations.

Intelligent data mapping means you don’t have to worry about various abbreviations or spellings of the same word.

The Geographical Metro Area makes it easy to map different parts of the country without entering in individual zip codes.

Learn how Data Dictionaries build single source of truth

Works with any CRM

Vyakar easily integrates with Salesforce and other CRM systems.

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Comprehensive Account View

Your Salesforce App will show your leads, contacts, and account on one screen

Fuzzy Match

Vyakar Free Lead to Account Matching in App Exchange

Vyakar B2B Lead to Account Matching Software in Salesforce App Exchange.
Use this app to match your leads against account, and run Account Based Sales & Marketing.